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Our Story

Ta'mini (meaning 'feed-me') is owned and run by Lebanese husband and wife Ali and Nermin. We're the first to introduce Ka'ak Lebanese street-bread in London. We've started our journey in South West London on Fulham Road. This is where we daily bake Manakish, Ka'ak, Arabic cookies  and lovingly make our freshly prepared hummus pots and salad bowls to take away. Visit our bakery

Our Family

A little bit more about us, Ali and Nermin. We're both Lebanese; Ali from North of Lebanon/Tripoli and Nermin from Beirut.

We wanted to create something more than just a bakery and be the first to introduce Ka’ak Lebanese street bread to London. 

We want to support small businesses back home which is why we use mainly Lebanese ingredients in our baking. 

Our Food

We specialise in authentic fresh, wholesome Lebanese Manakish, Ka'ak and cold mezze.

What makes us different to other bakeries? For one, we specialise in baking authentic Lebanese streetbread.  Like you, we care about what goes into our bodies, which is why there are no nasty additives in our food. We also pride ourselves in using only Lebanese ingredients.

Our Team

Our family is the most crucial element of our success.

We've sought out the same simple values in our people as we apply to the baking of our authentic breads.


Our Ta'mini family really care about high quality food and exceptional customer service. We'd love to meet you! 


In The Press

Read more about Ta'mini Lebanese Bakery and our story at Urban Village London

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